Anybody else get giddy in well designed spaces?

I fell in love so hard with this British inspired space, that no trip to Tampa is complete without it. It’s about as close to reliving my days in London as I can get, but without the accent.

Pink chandelier hovers over a man as he prepares and cocktail. An exposed brick wall of gray color is behind him with the words "The Champagne Bar"

The Oxford Exchange Tampa is an intimate community of experiences created to make you gather and linger and it features:

1. An art filled dining room to grab a spot of tea in the afternoon and an adjacent sun-kissed conservatory with vines creeping along white brick walls. It’s a pretty spot for breakfast, dinner and even a wedding.

2. A fancy yet chill champagne bar and lounge with tropical seating. Grab your fancy cocktail and then go browse the

3. Lifestyle gift shop (that you’ll definitely linger in) which carries everything from living room accessories to nursery items.

4. Wrap up your “taste of London” by browsing the carefully curated and intimate bookstore. You have to pass the bookstore to experience everything else, but I like to end with the books. You never know what you’ll discover – like the tiniest version of Sherlock Holmes I ever seen, at 2×2 inches! If you get that book though you’ll probably need to walk across the “aisle” to

5. Warby Parker, where the cool kids shop for eye wear because like I said, the book is 2×2 inches.

Oxford Exchange Tampa
Oxford Exchange Tampa
The bookstore at The Oxford Exchange Tampa
Oxford Exchange Tampa
Dining room with black and white checkered floors and white brick walls

Save this stop at the Oxford Exchange Tampa to your itinerary for a weekend trip to Tampa. And if you have time to wander – walk across the street to the University of Tampa.

You’ll recognize it from its gleaming mosque like towers and brick walls.

P.S. If spaces like this one make your heart sing, then check out the biophilic inspired design of my favorite hotel in Tulum, Mexico.