I was hell-bent on driving on the highway of life with a death grip on the steering wheel, blinders on the eyes, and a determination to make it there, except no matter how much I drove, I never seemed to arrive at my intended destination.

Restless nights,

An irritable spirit,

And a foreboding fear rippled through my entire being.

He whispers 

Move over. 

He’s been present the entire time, but I was too focused on the road to notice Him there, in the passenger seat.

Move over.

I can feel deep down what He wants me to do, but I’m scared to because it feels like climbing over the gear stick to the passenger seat – of a moving car – on a highway – at 80 mph.

Move over.

I almost didn’t hear it the third time.

My heart feels like I’m being chased by a lion whose teeth are just inches away from my heels.

I ease my foot off the gas, peel my fingers off the steering wheel, revealing white indentations as I balance precariously in the middle.

One hand clutches the back of the passenger seat while the other leans on the dash so I can crawl one leg after the other into the seat that was rightfully mine.

And as I snap the seatbelt in place,

And He takes the wheel,

I start to see and feel the beauty through the window.

The adventure He wanted to take me on.

He had it all mapped out – an itinerary designed just for me…us, with rest stops along the way and many opportunities to enjoy the views freely.

And when the detours come, and the mistakes happen –

He chooses to remain.

And in the many moments that I feel afraid,

He nudges

Go on…

I’ll be with you and when it’s time I’ll take you to the next place.

You don’t have to figure it all out.

I will guide you in the way you should go.

I’ll take you there, just

Move over.