Hypnotic reggae beats push my hips into a sway as I make my way over to a row of lounge chairs adorned with blue and white striped umbrellas. With each step I take Bob reminds me not to worry about a thing.

Don’t worry Bob, every little thing is definitely going to be all right here!

It always amazes me that this slice of hotel heaven exists in my city and I never have to get a room to enjoy it (although grabbing a room will undoubtedly expand your perks.)

Pool view of Hilton West Palm Beach

All for…all

The Hilton West Palm Beach is only three years old but has managed to make a name for itself beyond the guest experience. They have revolutionized the way hotels interact within the community they reside in and I’m all for it.

An impromptu rendezvous with my girlfriends early last year introduced me to a concept that I’m beginning to think all hotels should adopt –providing exceptional guest experiences that makes them feel welcomed whether they have booked a room or are merely visiting. And the Hilton has encouraged me to visit often, to the point where I’ve dedicated Fridays as Hilton Day.

One visit to their “backyard” will make you understand why. Every corner of the backyard of the hotel is designed to make you forget you’re in the heart of bustling downtown west palm beach. It’s the perfect rendezvous for the day (or weekend).

Pool view of Hilton West Palm Beach

Island in the city

Exiting the cool lobby, stately palms welcome you into a recreational playground of striped umbrellas, canopied cabanas and rattan daybeds that you could easily curl into for a quick nap.

But leave the nap for later, grab a complimentary towel and then park your belongings onto one of the row of umbrella adorned lounge chairs. When you’ve had enough of pretending to read while people watching, head on over to the lawn for a game of chess or tic tac toe.

cabanas at Hilton West Palm Beach
lawn games at Hilton West Palm Beach

You can always sink into the hammocks for a quick break when you get tired but make sure to grab a drink from the bar before making your way back your poolside retreat.

At around 11:45 a.m. D.J. Reyes will have you rocking to old school R&B or modern day hits, Hilton’s version of a pool party. (every Friday in summer only). After you’re burned off a few calories from the booty shaking hits take a dip in cool blue of the pool and just take it all in.

Pool view of Hilton West Palm Beach

The coolest part about your poolside experience is that you can order lunch while reclining. Just beckon a pool attendant your way and they’ll come running!

How to elevate your experience

A few hot tips to elevate your “daycay”

  1. Splurge on the private roomy cabanas and be regaled with private entertainment and a smorgasbord of assorted fruits and dessert.
  2. Turn the volume up on relaxation by floating on an inflatable. Not seeing any? Just ask any of the pool staff to bring out their stash of inflatable pool toys and get some Insta worthy shots on the pink flamingos.
  3. You can get the perfect tan on the east side of the pool. However, if you prefer all the shade like me then hide under the palms on the west side.
  4. On the northwest side of the pool is the shallow end of the pool, perfect for wading with tiny tots and flanked by recliners on both sides so you can keep an eye on your independent toddlers.
  5. Enjoy a taste of the islands with signature cocktail a la coconut!

So, what do you think? See you at the Hilton West Palm Beach next Friday? 😉