I couldn’t hear it but I could smell the fresh saltiness in the wind as it all but shoved us forward.

It was 5:15 a.m. in Barbados. The sun was going to crest in a moment and I wanted to get in position before it did. But I didn’t know where my position was going to be. I adjusted my backpack and let my feet lead me through the path. My sneakers squished with each step and as I quickened my pace. I slid a little. It had rained earlier and the earth cautioned me to slow down.

Sprinkled throughout the field, a few brown cows grazed on their breakfast. They weren’t the least bit interested our presence.


A few small rocks gave us reprieve from the muddy terrain and navigated our steps towards a clearing at the edge of the cliff. And there it was. I glanced at Phil and our unofficial tour guide Ron (my brother in law) and smiled. They could tell we were going to be here a while.

A cliffside path overlooking the beach in Barbados at sunrise


In the distance the baby blue hues of the ocean beckoned. I had to find a way down. We re-traced our steps towards the field of cows who were now slightly agitated by our presence. One may have given me a side eye but I couldn’t be sure. I was tramping through their home messing up breakfast, so I understood if she was.

We discovered a hidden path and prayed that it led to the beach. The path welcomed us with this breath taking view.

Waves crashing a reef in Barbados

Follow and Baptism were both taken on my favorite island of escape and my second island home of Barbados. Both are available as framed, deckled and matte prints in my print shop.

So tell me, which one is your favorite?