I didn’t see the ball drop. 

There was no fanfare and confetti. 

No champagne poured. 

No kiss exchanged. 

I tried to hold out to see the clock tick towards 12:01 Who was I kidding? At 11:30 p.m. I stumbled into bed, only to be roused moments later to the hubby asking me if I wanted to watch the sunrise. 

It’s been a tradition of ours to greet the first sunrise of the year. And this time it was cold. 56-degrees-it’s-going-to-feel-much-colder-than-this-at-the-beach-cold. 

He was eager to go so I didn’t bother to mumble my thoughts. We could’ve watched God paint the sky from cozy covers of our bed. 

We were late but it was spectacular! 

We joined hundreds of people dotted across the shore and watched as a giant ball of bronze ascended the sky. The tide was low, creating sand bar runways that the birds cat-walked. 

The ocean danced around them flickering sparkles of the sun’s glow. 

Whatever you do this year, don’t you dare stay in the zone of comfort to “watch God move.” That perspective will make you miss the entirety of how beautiful the moment truly is. 

Go out and meet Him there. 

Happy New Year friends!