I’ve only been once and looked like soaked rag when I was done but


Words I never thought I would say about exercising much less a boot camp class, that at times made me wonder if I left my brain in the street.

I have never been able to compute “feeling good” with exercise. Nothing about it excites me, but I was on a mission to lose some belly fat so I could look good in form fitting clothes again.

The Strategy

I had been visiting my uninspiring apartment gym for a couple months. I treaded vigorously on inclines for at least 20 minutes, tried some “ab blasting” workouts on YouTube and even pumped some weights.


The belly fat just kept staring at me.  So, I joined Orange Theory and developed a love/hate relationship. I loved the trainers and how they cheered my progress through some intense HIIT sets but I certainly was not a fan of the rowers. So I eventually quit. I couldn’t keep up with the payments at the time but I really missed those trainers. If only I could’ve have borrowed them for my workouts at the gym. I did more with them than I did on my own. Let’s be real, I was doing jack squat on my own compared to Orange Theory. So, I prayed for help.

Then came The Hilton with their Pilates classes with the inimitable Miss Palm Beach USA, Ginelle Ruffa. And so began my gradual love affair with fitness classes in the city, all for free!

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple prayer ok! As it turns out, The Hilton turned out to be a big part of my answered prayer. I went from one Pilates class on a Saturday to four classes most weeks because of the varied exercise programs they offered. And I discovered a few more free fitness classes in West Palm Beach with trainers who have now become an integral part of my journey.


“Don’t underestimate yourself”

Natalie June Addison

I love her for believing in my potential when I thought I wasn’t ready for a “cardio to the max” session. I was ready for cardio, but “max” I just wasn’t so sure about! Her confidence in me encouraged me to see what else my body could do.

Free fitness classes in West Palm Beach

Natalie is the brains behind Downtown WPB Wellness hour, a collaboration with the city of West Palm Beach to bring fitness classes into the amphi-theatre space that is CityZen Garden. You can get your fit on for free with Motivational Mondays (Bootcamp/HIIT) and Untwist Thursdays (Yoga) at 6 p.m. until the end of September.

Hot Tip: Parking is cheapest on Datura street and the Evernia Public Parking Garage

Ginelle Ruffa

Free fitness classes in West Palm Beach

She lost me at spinach ice cream but I still love her. I was first introduced to Ginelle at a networking event a couple years ago. Since then I’ve done barre, personal training and now Pilates with her at The Hilton West Palm Beach.

Ginelle will often join you for the burn while keeping her crown intact. Her not so hidden secret is that she is Miss Palm Beach USA.  She’s a lady with poise, finesse and grace riddling every challenging exercise with a gentle word of encouragement.

Free fitness classes in West Palm Beach

Join Ginelle every Saturday at 9 a.m. at the Hilton West Palm Beach for Pilates.

Hot Tip: Parking is free for 80 minutes at garages behind The Regional Restaurant and at Rosemary Square.

“Wellthyerin” aka Erin Murphy

Nutrition expert and certified PT, Erin is the gal who always has my heart rate in peak mode. Every Wednesday and Thursday, an intimate group of hardcore folks (and I) meet Erin at the Hilton for Bootcamp and HIIT Strength. Make sure you mentally prepare yourself because Bootcamp is at 6 p.m. Wednesday nights and HIIT is 6:30 a.m. the next day. You’re guaranteed to be waddling like a duck by Friday but that’s the point right? If you’re not waddling, did you even workout?!

More free fitness classes in West Palm Beach

A couple more fit programs to consider that will take you through October.

Weekend Wellness Series at Royal Poinciana Plaza

In honor of Breast cancer awareness and Palm Beach Spa and wellness month, the plaza will be hosting complimentary outdoor fitness classes every Saturday at 9 a.m. for the month of October.

Free fitness classes in West Palm Beach

District Fit

A multi-day event featuring an array of wellness programs, indoor and outdoor fitness, nutrition talks, live entertainment (and so much more) all happening at the Hilton West Palm Beach and Rosemary Square. 

While classes are free, District Fit partners with charitable organizations like Hope Water through the generous donations of patrons to the varied health and wellness programs they offer.  Connect to your philanthropic side, join a community of health conscious locals and make District Fit an event to remember during October 10-13, 2019.

And for those who prefer to workout alone and need expert guidance, try Fiton – an unlimited access app with free workout programs (barre, HIIT, cardio, strength) with expert trainers all on your phone, although nothing beats working out in person. The app can’t tell you if your form is off. 😉

“Have a goal but make this a lifestyle.”

Whew! That was a lot! Cheering you on as your crush your fitness goals. Maybe I’ll see you in a class? And if you know of any more free fitness classes in West Palm Beach, please drop them in the comments so we can all get in on it!