I can’t remember the specifics of our conversation that made mummy utter these words but it slammed the brakes on my thoughts. 

“You are one in 70 trillion.” 

And then like a highlight reel all the moments that I tried to compare myself to others

All the moments that I lamented what I lacked

All the moments that I downplayed my differences or allowed others to make them inferior, flickered across the canvas of my mind.



One in 70 trillion.

Are you imagining the numerous combinations that make a human being?

Is it really sinking in that there is NO carbon copy of you?

The skin you’re in 

The way you think

The things that excite you

Abilities and even disabilities 

How you connect 

The introspection 

The extroversion

Every single experience you’ve had up to this moment.

There is no one else who can claim your entire combination as their own. 

It’s just you baby and there’s purpose in that!